Episode 119: A Girl Like Grace

November 29, 2017

After coming back for her final year in high school, Grace (Ryan Destiny) is forced to deal with school bullies, her one remaining friend, and new faces all the while trying to handle the death of her best friend, Andrea (Paige Hurd) from the previous summer.

Grace is forced to comes to terms with what it means to be a woman while having examples like mother, an aging woman who uses sex as a weapon for survival, and Andrea's sister who is stuck trying to decide where she wants to go.

Directed by Ty Hodges works to weave a tale of teenage girl perspectives on sexuality, outsider-ship, and mourning in the face of a tragic loss.


Black Ass Thanksgiving & Preview to Episode 119

November 21, 2017

This week on Black on Black Cinema, the guys are back to preview the 2015 film, "A Girl Like Grace." The random topic of the week is all about the greatest Black holiday of all, Thanksgiving!!! The guys discuss favorite dishes, least favorite dishes, going to other people's houses for the holiday, and the best Thanksgiving stories.


Episode 118: Tales from the Hood

November 15, 2017

Tales from the Hood is the 1995 horror anthology film directed by Rusty Cundieff and executive-produced by Spike Lee. Taking a Twilight Zone approach to horror involving Black people is unique in its own right, but adding the social elements to the film is what truly makes Tales from the Hood interesting.

The film delves into police brutality, domestic violence, America's acceptance of white bigots back into mainstream society, and violence via gang and drug warfare. All these stories introduce supernatural/horror elements but lean decidedly into Black American experiences.


Tales of Black Dance & Preview to Episode 118

November 2, 2017

This week on Black on Black Cinema, the guys are back to introduce the next full episode on the 1995 horror anthology film, Tales from the Hood. This week's preview topic is in the realm of keeping things light and fun. The hosts discuss dancing, apprehension to doing it in public, skill level, and hilarious stories over the years when out having fun. There is enough awful things going on in the world, this time we stay pretty light. Also, please check out the video version of this episode for actual footage of Micah dancing at his wedding (approx at 18:15).