Catching Feelings - Episode 132

June 28, 2018

This week on Black on Black Cinema, the guys return to discuss the 2017 South African film, Catching Feelings. The film follows an urbane young academic and his beautiful wife, as their lives get turned upside down when a celebrated and hedonistic older writer moves into their Johannesburg home with them. Discussions of modern-day South African life, white South Africans role in that life, past and present-day influence, and an insecure man terrified that he is losing his wife.

Doing Well and Staying Grounded & Preview to Episode 132

June 14, 2018

This week on Black on Black Cinema, the guys are back to reveal the next film, Catching Feelings. An independent South African romantic drama where a young couple is forced to look at their relationship through a new lens when a hedonistic famous writer begins living with them. The random topic of the week is all about the dilemma of doing financially well as a Black person by staying in proximity to your community when historically Black people have been put at a disadvantage financially.

Crown Heights - Episode 131

June 7, 2018

Crown Heights is a 2017 American biographical crime drama film written and directed by Matt Ruskin. Adapted from a This American Life podcast, the film tells the true story of Colin Warner who was wrongfully convicted of murder, and how his best friend Carl King devoted his life to proving Colin's innocence. The film stars Lakeith Stanfield as Colin Warner and Nnamdi Asomugha as Carl King.